G450 is specifically designed to consistently produce multi-colored parts simultaneously, making it ideal for applications such as 3D printed figurines, topographical maps, and more.

◆ Build Chamber: L450 x W220 x H300 mm(L17.72 x W8.66 x H11.81 inch)
◆ External Dimensions: L1275 x W825 x H1465 mm(L50 x W32.68 x H57.68 inch)
◆ Layer Height: Adjustable from 100-200μm

Product Details

Technical Advantages
◆ Designed for reliable production of parts with multi-color gradients
◆ No support structures required, unbound material supports the printed parts
◆ Independent intellectual property rights, self-developed software
◆ Real-time slicing and RIP algorithms for layered manufacturing. Technological parameters can be freely adjusted
◆ Produces exquisite and colorful models


Product Details


Equipment Model


Build Box

L450 x W220 x H300 mm(L17.72 x W8.66 x H11.81 inch)

External Dimensions

L1275 x W825 x H1465 mm(L50 x W32.68 x H57.68 inch)


±0.1mm(L﹤100mm)or ±0.1%(L﹤100mm)

Printing Speed

30-150 s/per layer

Layer Height

Adjustable from 100-200μm


One piezoelectric printhead (Can be equipped with up to 8pcs)

Printhead Specification

Piezoelectric printheads, 6 channels, 180DPI resolution for each channel

File Format


Electrical Requirements

Single phase,220V,10A,50HZ

Powder types



Application Fields
◆ R&D, education, and teaching
◆ Artistic sculpture
◆ Industrial design
◆ Architecture and home design
◆ Geospatial display
◆ Medical assistance


G450 represents a cutting-edge solution for full-color 3D printing, delivering precision, flexibility, and vibrant color options for a wide range of applications.