It is a flagship product designed to efficiently produce medium-sized and large-sized parts. It has garnered significant success across multiple industries.
◆ Build Chamber : L550 * W370 * H200 mm (L21.65 *W 14.57 *H 7.87inch)
◆ Build Volume: 40.7Liters
◆ Max build rate: 2442cc/hour
◆ Layer Height: Adjustable from 30~200µm

Product Details

EASYMFG M550 Max Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer
Revolutionize Metal Printing with Power and Precision! 

Unleash your creativity with EASYMFG's groundbreaking Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer – a production-grade metal powerhouse designed for exceptional performance. Crafted to perfection, this printer takes your metal printing capabilities to new heights.

Engineered for Excellence: 
Our 3D printer is engineered to handle the production of medium to large-sized parts with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Empower your manufacturing processes with cutting-edge technology.



Key Features:
◆ Advanced Metal Binder Jetting Technology
◆ Spacious Build Chamber for Large Parts
◆ Precision Engineering for Superior Print Quality
◆ Robust Construction for Long-lasting Performance


Versatile Applications: 
From intricate components to production-ready parts, EASYMFG's Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer is your preferred choice for diverse industrial applications. Elevate your production capabilities and embrace the future of metal printing.



M550 Max

Build Volume (mm)

L550 * W370 * H200 mm

Outer dimension(mm)

L1821 * W957 * H1503 mm

Part Accuracy


Print Speed


Layer Thickness (mm)

0.03-0.1 adjustable

Powder Delivery

Sieve, compaction, compatible with various powder morphologies

Printing Mode

One-pass printing, high efficiency

Build Chamber Fixation

Replaceable build chamber

Number of Printheads

Piezoelectric printhead, width equals build chamber width


Printhead NPI: 600; Print Resolution: 1200

Software Support


Power Requirement

Single-phase, 220V, 10A, 50HZ


Titanium alloy, iron-based powder, copper powder, stainless steel powder, etc.