EASYMFG Showcases Breakthroughs in Binder Jetting at TCT Asia 2024

Created on:2024-05-11 11:12

  TCT Asia 2024, a premier exhibition in additive manufacturing, concluded its three-day run at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center on May 9th, spotlighting the latest innovations in the industry. EASYMFG, a pioneer in binder jetting metal 3D printing and sintering, once again left a significant mark at this year's event with its groundbreaking advancements.

  The exhibition brought together over 400 domestic and international 3D printing enterprises, collectively expanding the market for additive manufacturing technologies.

 EASYMFG's Booth at TCT Asia 2024

  On-Site Highlights

  EASYMFG unveiled its latest innovation, the M550Max, a large-scale production-grade binder jetting metal 3D printer, at the exhibition. This state-of-the-art equipment features 9600 nozzles arranged in a 350mm width with a resolution of 600NPI. With the capability to simultaneously eject 3.3pl droplets, the M550Max achieves a single-layer printing time of just 12 seconds while maintaining exceptional surface quality and precision. Moreover, it can produce green parts with a density exceeding 60%, leading to a post-sintering density of up to 99% for stainless steel components.

  The M550Max garnered widespread attention and recognition from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike at the event.

​Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printer M550Max

  In 2023, EASYMFG introduced the production-oriented MBJ device, M400Pro, tailored for small-batch production with high precision, productivity, and automation. This device has been increasingly adopted across various industries such as consumer electronics, valves, jewelry, and molds. Therefore, at this year's exhibition, EASYMFG showcased 3D printed parts from these sectors.


  MBJ Device Portfolio

  EASYMFG currently offers three different models:

  •   M150Inno: An innovative device primarily designed for innovation purposes, catering to innovative companies for material testing and new product innovation trials with its flexibility, minimal powder consumption, and easy powder replacement.
  •   M400Pro: Geared towards small-batch production, boasting higher precision, productivity, and automation compared to its predecessors.
  •   M550Max: Targeting large-scale production to enhance manufacturing efficiency, with comparable precision and printing time to the M400Pro.


Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printer M150Inno

  The exhibited items primarily showcased applications already deployed, including golf club heads, hydraulic valves, jewelry, watch cases, and medical prototypes, spanning materials such as titanium alloys, stainless steel, copper, and ceramics (such as silicon carbide and alumina).




​Bone Components


​Golf Club Heads  


  Lattice Structure


  EASYMFG also presented a distinctive printed component in various details to provide attendees with a tangible understanding of high-precision printing capabilities.

  The on-site exhibits captivated the attention of numerous exhibitors and visitors, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of engagement and exchange.



  As one of the earliest domestic manufacturers engaged in binder jetting 3D printing, EASYMFG possesses a unique and deeper understanding of its potential. With years of technical accumulation, the company has developed its core technologies:

  •   Research and development of inkjet printing fundamentals, coupled with proprietary print system data processing software, enables precise droplet control to ensure printing detail.
  •   Newly developed binder do not clog nozzles and requires no special maintenance after printing. With a low curing temperature of approximately 140~160°C, the cured parts exhibit high strength and can be directly washed with water. Post-high-temperature sintering results in minimal residue, promoting environmental sustainability.
  •   Highly integrated mechanical systems with compact designs. The powder spreading system offers multiple functions, including sieving (to disperse powder, separating agglomerates), leveling (to make the powder bed uniform and even), roller compaction (to increase part density), and automatic wiping, accommodating various powder morphologies.


  Future Outlook

  EASYMFG remains committed to innovation and advancement in the field of binder jetting 3D printing. From materials science to printing technology and sintering processes, we will continue to push boundaries, expand application areas, and achieve mass production, ushering in true industrialization for 3d printing.



  EASYMFG, established in 2013, stands as a leading expert in binder jetting metal 3D printing and sintering. We specialize in swiftly transforming a variety of powder materials—ranging from metals and ceramics to sand—into precise components.

  Our cutting-edge equipment lineup includes binder jetting metal 3D printers, binder jetting sand 3D printers, and full-color 3D printers. Driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence, EASYMFG endeavors to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our global clientele. For further details, please visit www.easymfg3d.com.