EASYMFG Shines in Frankfurt, Showcasing Innovative Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing Technology

Created on:2024-04-17 12:48

  From November 7th to November 10th, the prestigious Formnext exhibition, a global gathering of leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies, took place in Frankfurt, Germany.




  EASYMFG made its inaugural appearance at this international event, presenting our latest equipment, exceptional printing capabilities, and integrated solutions for binder jetting metal 3D printing. Attendees at the exhibition highly praised the surface quality of the parts produced by our equipment, affirming our technological prowess.



Titanium Alloy Watchcases



Stainless Steel Parts



Exquisite Ceramics Parts


  As a first-time participant in overseas exhibitions, EASYMFG has garnered enthusiastic attention from numerous international enterprises. Some companies have expressed their intention to visit our research and development center in Wuhan, showcasing the allure of EASYMFG in the global market. Concurrently, renowned companies such as Desktop Metal, GE, and RICHO, among others, also participated in the exhibition, providing valuable opportunities for collaboration and advancing the development of MBJ.




  EASYMFG's exhibition presence signifies a significant milestone on the international stage. As a dynamic and creative team, we look forward to bringing forth more outstanding equipment and solutions, offering increased possibilities and opportunities for the global manufacturing industry.


  At the Formnext exhibition, EASYMFG not only showcased its technological capabilities but also conveyed our unwavering commitment to innovation worldwide. We will continue innovating, expanding internationally, and delivering exceptional binder jetting metal 3D printing solutions to clients, leading the way in the industry's future development.


  Here are the highlights of the exhibition: