Highlights of the 2021 Additive Manufacturing Development Summit in Wuhu

Created on:2021-10-20 11:40

      On October 19-20, 2021, the 2021 Additive Manufacturing Development Summit and China Additive Manufacturing Industry Annual Conference were held in Wuhu (Fanchang), Anhui Province. Dr. Cai Daosheng, Chairman of EASYMFG, was invited to deliver a presentation at the Additive Manufacturing and Intelligent Casting Development Forum. Dr. Cai shared insights on the latest developments and trends in binder jetting 3D printing technology.





  During the event, Dr. Cai highlighted several trends in 3D printing, including high-speed, low-cost industrialized mass customization, desktopization, and specialized applications. Additionally, he shared the current major achievements of the EASYMFG team.


        Having undergone extensive exploration in technology, market, and application, EASYMFG aims to launch binder jetting 3D printers suitable for more materials, such as elastic plastics and high-strength plastics, in the future. These printers will provide the industry with better-performing, higher-precision, more efficient, cost-effective, and higher-quality printing solutions, delivering value to customers.