Exploring the Future: The Revolution of Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing (MBJ) in the Hydraulic Industry

Created on:2023-09-30 15:48

  In today's rapidly advancing technological era, 3D printing technology is driving progress across various industries at an astonishing pace. In the hydraulic industry, EASYMFG has been at the forefront of innovation, actively exploring the application of Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing (MBJ) technology.

  Hydraulic Valve Printed with 316L Material from EASYMFG


  PART 001: Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing - A Revolutionary Manufacturing Method

  Traditional methods of manufacturing hydraulic components typically involve numerous processes, from design and manufacturing to testing, making them time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing (MBJ) technology is changing the game.

  Integrated Solution of Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing from EASYMFG


  The process of Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing involves the following steps:

  •   Slicing the 3D CAD model into a series of 2D data by using an array-type printhead.
  •   Subsequently, selectively jetting a binding agent into metal or ceramic powder to achieve solidification.
  •   This process is completed through layer-by-layer stacking, ultimately forming the entire printed part.
  •   Next, the printed part is placed in a curing furnace to gain strength.
  •   Excess powder is removed on a cleaning platform.
  •   Finally, through sintering, high-precision and high-performance metal or ceramic components are obtained.

  This technology combines the sintering process of traditional metal injection molding, effectively addressing the challenges of slow speed and high cost, making it a viable solution for batch production.

  This revolutionary manufacturing method has elevated metal 3D printing to new heights. By jetting a binder onto a bed of metal powder and layering it in a sequential manner, highly complex hydraulic components can be produced in a short period, eliminating the multiple steps required in traditional manufacturing. This not only significantly reduces manufacturing time but also lowers production costs while enhancing product quality and performance.

  M400 PRO from EASYMFG


  These photos will take you into the future of the hydraulic industry, showcasing the limitless possibilities of modern manufacturing technology.

  Green Part and Sintered Part from EASYMFG


  Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Valves and Valve Blocks from EASYMFG

BJ-Printed Cartridge Valves from EASYMFG


Valve Blocks from EASYMFG


  PART 002: The Future of the Hydraulic Industry - Insights from HiTalks 2023 Seminar

Doctor Cai in HiTalks


  In the hydraulic industry, the manufacturing of hydraulic components has always been a critical aspect. The HiTalks 2023 - Smart Manufacturing of Hydraulic Components 3D Printing Seminar aims to explore the application of MBJ printing technology in the hydraulic field to provide more opportunities.

  •   Customized Design: MBJ printing technology supports customized designs based on specific requirements, enabling structural optimization for complex fluid channels. It also facilitates lightweight design, reducing equipment loads, improving energy efficiency, and minimizing material waste for positive environmental impact.
  •   Rapid Prototyping: MBJ printing technology excels in rapid prototyping, allowing designers to test and improve their designs quickly, thereby shortening the product development cycle.
  •   Complex Geometric Structures: MBJ printing technology can manufacture complex geometric structures that traditional methods cannot achieve, enhancing the performance and efficiency of hydraulic components for precise fluid control.
  •   Low Pressure Loss: MBJ-printed hydraulic components boast excellent internal surface quality, with smooth and defect-free channels, resulting in minimal flow resistance and pressure loss. This contributes to improved efficiency and performance in hydraulic systems.
  •   Reliable Structural Strength: MBJ printing technology provides precise manufacturing, making hydraulic components more robust and reducing the risk of leakage. It also allows for the integration of valve blocks and hydraulic valves, among other components, into a more compact structure.

  These advantages make MBJ printing an innovative solution for manufacturing hydraulic components.


  PART 003: EASYMFG - Leading Innovation in the Hydraulic Industry

R&D Center of EASYMFG


  As a pioneer in Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing (MBJ) technology, EASYMFG has continuously explored and advanced this field. Our expert team is committed to introducing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to the hydraulic industry to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, enhance product quality, and create more business opportunities.

  The HiTalks 2023 seminar provided us with an opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with industry experts and partners, further exploring the potential applications of Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing (MBJ) technology. We look forward to continuing our leadership role in the hydraulic industry, collaborating with partners to explore more innovative applications and meet the evolving market demands. Through MBJ printing technology, we believe the future of the hydraulic industry will be even more vibrant and creative.

EASYMFG and Shangwei Technology have signed a letter of intent for cooperation in promoting MBJ technology in the hydraulic industry

EASYMFG and Yanshan University have signed a letter of intent for cooperation in promoting MBJ technology in the hydraulic industry


  On the path of the hydraulic industry, EASYMFG will always walk alongside you, jointly ushering in a brighter tomorrow. We look forward to exploring the future and embracing a new era in the hydraulic industry!