EASYMFG Unveils China's First Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printer

Created on:2019-08-25 14:39

  On August 25, EASYMFG proudly unveiled China's first binder jetting metal 3D printer in Wuhan city, drawing the attention of numerous enterprises across various industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, and more. This groundbreaking technology offers a cost-effective and efficient production method, sparking lively discussions among attendees.


  Entrepreneurs expressed hope for the application of binder jetting metal 3D printing in fields like medical treatment and biology. Experts at the event analyzed potential application fields, envisioning EASYMFG's printers as the next generation of CNC machine tools, poised for widespread adoption.

  Notably, Reghunath, an Indian customer, decided to purchase a binder jetting metal 3D printer on the spot, signing a contract and agency agreement with EASYMFG to promote the brand in India. This move underscores the company's success in overcoming challenges and leading domestic 3D printing technology onto the global stage.

  EASYMFG's continuous efforts result in a cost advantage over imported equipment. Additionally, the event featured the open-source release of binder jetting full-color 3D printers, inviting participation in further development and production of the technology.

  The launch event was a resounding success, with attendees flocking to observe the printing process firsthand, despite lingering doubts about the emerging technology. CEO Cai Daosheng and the EASYMFG team addressed questions on-site, further solidifying their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.