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    Binder jetting 3D printing is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for the majority of foundries, representing an essential production equipment for the future. It offers cost efficiency comparable to traditional casting methods while enabling the production of complex parts without the need for tools, providing significant flexibility.

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    Pumps & Hydraulics



    With the optimization of processes and mechanical properties of raw materials, 3D printing technology can now meet the requirements of pump valve manufacturers. Utilizing EASYMFG for sand mold 3D printing, even the most intricate pump industry parts can be rapidly produced with precise and uniform cores and molds. Binder jet metal printing directly creates metal prototypes, offering low cost and high efficiency.

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    Binder jetting 3D printing offers significant advantages in terms of cost and speed, enabling it to compete with traditional manufacturing methods. Therefore, for complex non-core components such as wheel hubs, exhaust pipes, and intake manifolds, binder jetting 3D printing can be used directly. However, for parts requiring high strength, such as engines and speed changers, it is recommended to combine binder jetting with traditional methods.

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